Bristol Airport Christmas Party

1st December at Bristol

A private booking for a Christmas Party to be held, we are told, somewhere in or near Bristol Airport. Hope they know we sing sea shanties not aires!

Carols on the Quay

10th December at Exmouth

Yes, it's nearly Christmas again - and the ever popular Carols on the Quay event will run again come rain or shine!
We will be joining with other singers and musicians to present a variety of festive and (in the case of our shanties) not so festive cheer - so why not come along with the family and enjoy what is always a great night.
Things should start around 6pm - in the marina.

Exmouth Shanty Men Christmas Party

12th December 20.00 at Lympstone Village

Our own Christmas Party this time - in the Globe Inn, Lympstone (or North Exmouth as we know it!).
We will be interjecting between courses, and after the Port, with a host of our favourite shanties, so if you are near and need your ears warming, please do feel free to drop inn.

Shanty Workshop - The Beach Pub

9th January 20.00 at Exmouth

The first in 2018 of our increasingly popular and FREE Shanty Workshops.
Why not come along and learn a few historic shanties, from a few historic (or at least ancient) shanty men??

Oostend Voor Anker, Belgium

10th May - 13th May at Oostend

The first of our trips to foreign parts in 2018 - to the famous Oostend Voor Anker (Ostend at Anchor) event - a combination of tall ships, small ships, old ships and new ships, along with lots of shanties. Perfect!
see for more details