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Tall Ships and Tavern Tales

Tall Ships and Tavern Tales
- a voyage in song from the high seas to a dockside ale house

Tall Ships and Tavern Tales is a double album of songs from the Exmouth Shanty Men's two-part stage show of the same name. The first disc has 17 traditional sea shanties from the era of the tall ships, the second a varied collection of 16 numbers, some but not all traditional, 'which sailors might have enjoyed singing in a dockside tavern'. Our Tall Ships and Tavern Tales show has so far been enthusiastically received by audiences at Sidmouth Folk Festival, Harwich International Shanty Festival and in selected village halls around Devon - we are sure you will enjoy it too!
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Tall Ships

Leaving of Liverpool
High Barbary
Little Sally Racket
Bold Reilly
Good Morning Ladies All
Heilan Laddie
Reuben Ranzo
John Damaray
Billy Boy
Lowlands Lowlands Low
Mobile Bay
Johnny Come Down to Hilo
Rollin Down to Old Maui
Down Trinidad
Strike the Bell
Spanish Ladies

Tavern Tales

Heaven's a Bar
Jack was Every Inch a Sailor
Betty Stoggs
Yarmouth Town
Old Fid
Pay Me My Money Down
Handsome Cabin Boy
Maggie May
Lord Exmouth
No More Auction Block
Row Bullies Row
Sailors Prayer
All for me Grog
Row On Row On

Ten Years Before The Mast

Ten Years Before The MastThe good ship Malarkey (a.k.a. The Exmouth Shanty Men) was launched ten years ago as part of the 2007 Exmouth Festival. In celebration and to mark the occasion, we are pleased to announce the release of our new CD "Ten Years before the Mast". The album contains twenty of our favourite shanties - many never recorded by us before - and garnered during our numerous exciting voyages this past decade. We have heard it said that this commemorative CD is our best ever - and we are sure you will agree!
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Admiral Benbow
Blow the Man Down
Bold Benjamin
Boston Harbour
Fall down Billy O'Shea
Hanging Jonny
Heave me Boys, Away
Hog's Eye Man
Lowlands Away
Mingulay Boat Song
New York Girls
On Board a Man o' War
One More Pull Boys
Pique la Baleine
Randy Dandy Oh
Rattling Winches
Rolling Home
Rolling Sailor
Santee Anna
Time Ashore is Over

Back On Board

Back On BoardIn the two years that have elapsed since they produced their last album, the buoys have sailed many a mile and have found new songs aplenty from near and far, some of which they have deemed suitable to record for posterity as "Back On Board". The album was recorded at The Old Wheelwright's on the southern slopes of Dartmoor over the course of a few days in April 2015.
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Sweet Ladies of Plymouth
Sally Brown
Row On, Row On
Ol' Moke Pickin' on a Banjo
Congo River
Barque in the Harbour
Le Capitaine de St Malo
Nancy Perriam
Time Ashore
Bold Benjamin
No More Auction Block
Fire Down Below


RunashoreBack from voyages in England and abroad, The Exmouth Shanty Men enjoyed a run ashore in the safe waters of their home port where, at The Grove public house, they entertained family and friends over the course of two cold and snowy evenings in January 2013 whilst committing a new collection of shanties and sea songs to this, their fourth album.
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Cheerily Man
Roll Alabama Roll
Cobh Shanty
Bonny Ship the Diamond
Paddy Doyle's Boots
Shallow Brown
Tea and Coffee
Brave Wolfe
Long Time Ago
Lowlands Away
Haul Away Joe
High Barbary
South Australia
All for Me Grog
Farewell Shanty

The Full Shanty

The Full ShantyRecorded live before a sell out crowd at their home-town's Blackmore Theatre during the Exmouth Festival, this album conveys the energy, comedy, integrity and downright audacity of The Exmouth Shanty Men on stage. Strong traditional songs, plus a bonus track specially written for Skinners Ales, create another fine and varied collection of sea songs and shanties, sung as they would have been in the days of sail.
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Or download tracks (£0.80 each):

Haul Away The Bowline Boys
Skipper Jan Rebek
Pay Me My Money Down
Pretty Nancy Of Yarmouth
Chicken On A Raft
Poor Old Horse Chanty
On Board A Man O War
Boney Was a Warrior
Ten Thousand Miles Away
Dark Eyed Sailor
Candlelight Fisherman
Haul On The Bowline
Hard On The Beach Oar
Rio Grande
Essequibo River
Betty Stogs

Randy, Dandy, O

Randy, Dandy, OSupported by the world famous Pusser's Rum, and much to the relief of the crew's families and friends, The Exmouth Shanty Men recorded this album in a sound proof studio miles from anywhere! Beautifully crafted shanties and sea songs are moored alongside some powerful ballads and traditional forebitters, creating a fine collection, all with interesting and original arrangements.
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Or download tracks (£0.80 each):

Randy Dandy O
Go To Sea No More
Pump Her Dry
Hog's Eye Man
Haul Away For Rosie
Mingulay Boat Song
Roll The Woodpile Down
Sailor's Life
Hanging Johnny
Blood Red Roses
Heaven's A Bar
Goodbye Fare Thee Well
Storm Along
Fiddler's Green
Hullabaloo Belay
Greenland Whale Fishery
Sailboat Malarky
Leave Her Johnny Leave Her
Santee Anna
Spanish Ladies
Whisky Johnny
Bye Bye My Roseanna

Rolling Home

Rolling HomeThis cracking collection, performed and recorded live, gives a real taste of The Exmouth Shanty Men on stage. Unleashed before an excited, amazed and partially sober audience at the Manor Hotel in their home port of Exmouth, the crew display their energy, humour and rumbustious characters for all to hear. These tracks are sung with passion, gusto and not a little tenderness when required.
Download album: £7.50

Or download tracks (£0.80 each):

John Kanaka
Little Sally Racket
Blow The Man Down
Boston Harbour
Cruel Were My Parents
The Black Ball Line
Bold Riley
New York Girls
Tom's Gone To Hilo
Roll The Old Chariot Along
Bring 'em Down
Fire Marengo
Wild Goose
Row Bullies Row
Rolling Home
Eliza Lee