"On Friday night I was playing in the Living Traditions venue and I heard the song Row On, Row On. I recorded my version this morning – rather different from the way I heard the Exmouth Shanty Men sing it – they were excellent by the way!" - Rob Halligan, Warwick Folk Festival

"Bloody marvellous!"   Phil Beer - Show of Hands.

"They say there's no business like show business but The Exmouth Shanty Men are  business. What a fun show!"  Bill Pertwee MBE - Actor (d 2013).

"I love them. They sing with such gusto!"   Richard Digance - Comedian, Singer/Songwriter, Presenter.

The Exmouth Shanty Men are a surprise and a delight. They look good, sound good and are fun - they do you good!"     Eddie Upton - Director - Sidmouth Folk Week & Folk South West.  

"I do like working with you. You are always very professional and fun, so as soon as I get a date for next year's event I'll be back in touch"   Roger Dalton - Roger Dalton Associates, Events Promotions & Consultancy.

"The Exmouth Shanty Men ... that's my kind of buoy band!"   Aled Jones - Singer & Presenter - BBC TV and Radio. 

"The Exmouth Shanty Men were just SENSATIONAL! I'm sorry, I absolutely love 'Fisherman's Friends', but to me these guys are easily as good!"   Judi Spiers - TV & Radio Presenter. 

"Lichfield's third 'L2F Festival of Folk' was headlined by The Exmouth Shanty Men, whose onstage banter and well honed performance skills have seen them play festivals and concerts throughout the country. Their versions of songs from the sea shanty tradition were taken at a pace that allowed harmonies and narrative structure to be seen. They took the audience through many better known shanties but also left room for more unusual songs and some haunting renditions. The singers were strong solo performers but the choral singing was impressive, with the more spirited numbers being particularly well performed."    The Lichfield Mercury 

"It was a pleasure to work with such professional and talented performers"  Philip Underwood  -  Stage sound engineer

"I was impressed by the fun you had .... and even more impressed by the quality of the singing! It's been just a thoroughly enjoyable time."   Ed St. Giles - Film Director, Channel 4 TV

"Absolutely brilliant!"   Justin Leigh - Presenter - BBC Spotlight South West.

  "The Exmouth Shanty Men: Guardians of Tradition. At the very beginning of the performance you felt transported to a sailing boat of the start of the 19th century. The energy of the team work environment is clearly depicted by the Shanty Men so that through their songs they reveal their loves, their fears, their deepest feelings. The music has the power of overcoming time, language and context to communicate something deeper, and it has been used this way over very many years worldwide. What this performance reminded me of are all the songs that make repetitive actions easier to bear, and also transmit knowledge and teamwork. Human nature is the same everywhere; we share it, and this makes the shanty men able to last over time. With a commitment to keep tradition and knowledge alive, theirs is a 'must see' performance"   Tico Altahona - Colombian guest reviewer for Lympstone Entertainments' Drumbeat

"Only real enthusiasts with a love for sea-songs and shanties could put on such an entertaining and varied show."     Jez Lowe - Internationally acclaimed folk singer/songwriter. 

"Another smashing Guest Night was provided by The Exmouth Shanty Men, with another capacity crowd gracing the portals of the Dolphin Hotel. I have to admit that I had not heard them live before though I had heard their recordings, so to say that I was surprised by their presence in the flesh, as it were, is not quite true as I should have expected it from all I had heard about them. But what stood out was the effortless professionalism coupled with an infectious joie de vivre from a group who are basically amateur .... they put so many professional outfits well into the shade. Their choice of songs, the variety of their presentation and their musical performance could not be faulted."  Peter & Hilary - Organisers, Jurassic Folk Club, Beer

"What a fantastic bunch of guys The Exmouth Shanty Men are! At 'Navy Days' we asked them to come and give us a couple of 'a-haa's' but they've given us far more than that. They kicked off our live broadcast to 23 countries on BFBS Radio in true sea shanty style. Thank you so much and I hope this is the start of a beautiful relationship."     Ernie Rowe - Head of British Forces Broadcasting Service Radio UK.   

"I think The Exmouth Shanty Men are very entertaining and humorous without losing the traditional feel to these songs and shanties which are such an important part of our heritage."    Jim Mageean - Folk singer known world-wide as 'Shanty Jim'

"Pusser's Rum have just comemorated the 40th anniversary of  the 'Black Tot' and couldn't have done it without the help of The Exmouth Shanty Men who put in a quite fantastic performance in Portsmouth Historic Dockyard for us and the public. They are a tremendous outfit and I'll work with them again in the future whenever I can."     Ben Pick - Marketing Manager - Pusser's Rum. 

"The Exmouth Shanty Men were their usual rowdy, enjoyable selves, clearly relishing every moment of their open air show. Tight harmonies and robust tunes pleased the crowd, many of whom sang along or rocked in time. It was a well rounded offering from these polished performers."     Sidmouth Herald - review of Sidmouth Folk Week.   

"So many people commented to me on how much fun The Exmouth Shanty Men were, both at the Folk Club and on the Main Stage and also asking if we could have you back in the future. Thanks very much for being so visible and adding to the buzz of the Festival."    Pete McClelland - Hobgoblin Music and Wadebridge Folk Festival. 

"Quite superb!"    Richard Green  -  Producer - BBC Radio. 

"Your act is brilliantly choreographed. You can stand shoulder to shoulder with any act on the scene because you put on a 'SHOW'. You entertain and that is vitally important."   Joe Stead of Kimber's Men  -  renowned shanty singers

"The Exmouth Shanty Men gave a performance at Bridestowe village hall in aid of church funds.  (They) arrived on complete with a collection of props and special lighting to give the Hall and stage a nautical feel and costumes to echo the Nelson period. Tickets had sold out ten days before the event and the hall was filled to capacity by an audience, some of whom had travelled from as far afield as Bristol and Camborne. The performance was professional and entertaining, with songs sometimes rumbustious and sometimes quiet and reflective, interspersed with introductions laced with humour and ad-libs. The rapport between ‘the crew’ and the audience was full of fun."    Okehampton Times