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Tall Ships and Tavern Tales (double CD)
Ten Years Before the Mast - Album Trailer
Falmouth Virtual Shanty Festival - 2021
Krakow International Shanty Festival - 2019
Heave me Boys
Randy Dandy Oh
Betty Stogs Falmouth Shanty Festival
Pump Her Dry
The Exmouth Shanty Men - film by RiverExe Media
The Exmouth Shanty Men - Short compilation
Bold Benjamin, Lympstone, 2015
John Kanaka, Lympstone, 2015
Nancy Perriam, Lympstone, 2015
Poor Old Horse Chanty, Lympstone, 2015
Rolling Home, Lympstone, 2015
Sally Brown, Lympstone, 2015
Huckleberry Hunting, Travemunde, 2015 by HJ Wulff
Helen Takes The Stage, Gloucester, 2015
Blood Red Roses, Krakow, 2015
Chicken On A Raft, Krakow, 2015
Belgian National Television 2014
BBC 2 "Coast" off Brixham, 2011