Exmouth Sailing Club

29th September 19.30 at Exmouth

A special fund raising event for Exmouth Sailing Club. More details nearer the time.

Bradnich Folk Club

7th October 19.30 at Bradninch

Another of our ever popular Tall Ships and Tavern Tales concerts. This time hosted by Bradninch Folk Club. 
Ticket information and further details from the folk club facebook page at

Sir Walter Rayleigh Community Pub Event

14th October 20.00 at East Budleigh

A performance in support of East Budleigh's community pub - named after its most famous ever resident, Sir Walter Rayleigh.
More information nearer the time from the pub's website at


21st October 19.30 at Norton-sub-Hamdon

A trip across the county border to the quaintly named Norton-sub-Hamdon in dorset, where we will regale our county neighbours with our distinctive brand of song and merriment!