Hilo Johnny Brown

A Negro shanty used at halyards, according to Hugill. Hilo is a port in the Hawaiian group but Hugill thinks songs more usually refer to the Peruvian nitrate port of Ilo – though sometimes the word “Hilo” was a substitute for “do”, “jamboree” or “dance”. It could also have been a verb of unknown meaning!
Hilo Johnny Brown                 
Sally  she'm the gal that I love dearly
Way hey Sally-o       
Sally, she'm the gal that I love dearly 
Hilo Johnny Brown, stand to your ground
Sally she'm a Barbadian beauty
Sally-gal she'm know her duty
Sally she'm the gal that I spliced nearly
Her lips is red an' her hair is curly
Sally she'm a bright mulatta
She’s a pretty girl but I can’t get at her
Seven long years I courted Sally
But I don't care to dilly-dally
Haul away, boys, never mind the weather,
Heave away and bust the chafing leather