Hullabaloo Belay

Appeared in a 1925 publication Six Sea Chanties, having been collected from a sailing-ship man who could remember only the first stanza and the chorus. Burl Ives recorded it in 1956.


Hullabaloo Belay

Me mother kept a boarding house,
Hullabaloo belay
Hullabaloo bela belay.
And all the boarders were out to make,
Hullabaloo belay.

There was a young fellow named Shallo Brown,
Hullabaloo, etc.
Followed me mother all over the town,
Hullabaloo, etc.

One day when me father was on the Crown,*
Me mother ran off with Shallo Brown,

Me father said to me, "Me boy"
To which I quickly made reply,

Me father slowly pined away,
Me mother came back on the very next day.

*In the Royal Navy